Scheduled For Release 2022-03-15
0000039: [Mechanics] Remove "Captial Ship" from Combat Air Patrol requirements (WiseKensai)
0000031: [Balance] Superfriends Squadron Balance (WiseKensai)
0000037: [Mechanics] Create Captial Ship Crew / Command Rules (Lith)
0000012: [Backend] Starter fleets need rework to better match what an incoming player might need. (WiseKensai)
0000009: [Backend] Token Units are currently only in DTRPG (WiseKensai)
0000036: [Mechanics] Squadron Rework (WiseKensai)
0000016: [Mechanics] Investigate if Combat Groups make sense (WiseKensai)
0000034: [Balance] ECM/ECCM Relevance (WiseKensai)
0000030: [Balance] Jovian Shooting too strong? (WiseKensai)
0000024: [Clarity] Cross-Linking between Traits/Actions/States is cumbersome. (WiseKensai)
0000015: [Mechanics] Dogfight Rework (WiseKensai)
0000033: [Mechanics] Capital Ship Assault Ships (WiseKensai)
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Scheduled For Release 2022-08-01
0000038: [Mechanics] Espionage Mechanics (WiseKensai)
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