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0000007Jovian Wars RulesTest Requestpublic2021-11-21 16:44
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Product Version1.2.1 
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Summary0000007: ECM is complicated and not often impactful to a game
DescriptionThe ECM rules are tough to parse and are an at least two step process. Oftentimes after completing it the rule doesn't matter, lending to people forgetting about it.
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2021-11-06 08:50

administrator   ~0000001

Proposed Solution, courtesy Estalies:

ECM:X generates a short-range ECM bubble the size of which is based on the generating model's type: 3" for Squadrons and 6" for capital ships.

Targeting models in the ECM bubble reduces firing model's Sensors trait by X.

ECCM: X ignores X levels of ECM.

Potential Impacts:
 * ECM is stronger.
 * ECM is not differentiated from Stealth sufficiently?
 * Requires new mechanic of "bubble," size of which is defined by generating model type.


2021-11-09 15:16

administrator   ~0000007


ECM does _not_ stack. If you are affected by overlapping ECM "bubbles," choose the best ECM: X trait amongst them. Apply ECCM:X against this trait.

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